Relaciones Ruso-Chilenas / Rusia - Chile. 60 aos (confere en la Academia Dplomtica) y 100 aos de Pablo Neruda


"O Chile, a Long Petal Made Up of Waves, Wine and Snow"
Pablo Neruda

The Russian Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Academy hosted a conference dedicated to two significant dates: the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Chile and the centenary of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (19041973).

Yu.Ye. Fokin, the rector of the Diplomatic Academy, chaired the conference. V.I. Morozov, the director of the Latin America Department of the Russian FM, V.M. Davydov, the director of the Latin America Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, E.V. Mitrofanova, the head of the Russian Center of International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation under Russias FM, ambassadors of Latin American countries, scholars, and cultural figures took part in it. Most of the speakers touched in one way or the other on President Vladimir Putins forthcoming visit to Santiago to take part in the summit of the member states of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC 2004).

In his address, Chiles Ambassador, Mario Silberman Gurovich, stressed that Vladimir Putins trip to Chile is the first-ever diplomatic visit of a Russian leader to South America. In the 60 years since 1944, the relations between our countries have broken off twice, but the warm feelings linking the Russians and Chileans have never changed. These feelings found their expression, for instance, in the festivities in Moscow marking the centennial jubilee of the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. In this country the people remember and are aware of the great contribution Neruda made to developing good neighborly relations between the peoples of Chile and Russia. As for the prospects for economic cooperation, the Ambassador pointed out that, according to the forecasts, the figures for bilateral goods turnover will increase nearly twofold this year. To ensure this promising upward trend in the future as well, we need to work today on developing new, still more effective means of interaction, primarily, in the fields of trade crediting and investment.

On the days of the conference, the Diplomatic Academy displayed books and documents dealing with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Chile.